Meet Us To Solve Independent Family Case

If you are needed to solve any of your family case, you can approach Atkins group. We are happy to introduce about us. We have been solving more numbers of cases like adoption and etc. Based upon your situation, we will charge you. We will make everything possible for you.

Cases Solved By Us:


Whether you want to be with your family through adopting another child or any case it may be, our team will apply enough skills to solve your problem.


We will go depth to the case so that paternity of child will be determined and proper actions will be undertaken.

Child Custody And Support:

Our team step in and help you to outcome the favorite of your children.

Reproductive Rights:

It may be complex issue. We will not fear of this case and we will even be proud to support women rights to reproduction.

Experience With Us:

Independent of family law case, our team is ready to help. We will treat clients in respectable and professional manner. Whatever may be the case, even it may fall under sensitive case, we will help you to get the result to your side. We will come along with you throughout legal process. We will explain everything to you. Though we want to make you to know about everything, we will leave you out from unnecessary things which you no need to know. It is to avoid you from over burden. Once you feel that you have to be succeeded with the case, you can contact us. Once you call us immediately, we will help you to solve your case. Throughout the case, we will be there with you and we will never surprise you with our price. You can contact our office to get an appointment with our experienced professionals.

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